ADR Recovery

This blog chronicles my recovery from a new type of major back surgery, Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). I injured my back at L5/S1 when I was 9 and have always struggled with back pain, but was unable to walk after a minor car accident in ‘05. Research became my second job and with the support of my family and friends, I decided go under the knife. My intention is to keep my friends updated while I recover and help others who are suffering with back pain understand the recovery process.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rx Sticker Fun!!!

I usually don't take notice of the stickers on my Rx bottles... you know what they look like, you know what they mean, right? Maybe not. Take a look at a few common Rx stickers taken from my assorted pill bottles.... See if you can figure it out!

Martini Glass = Don't drink martini's while taking this medication - beer and wine are fine

Bread = Make sure you eat something before taking this like a nice slice of bread! Brought to you by the bread industry.

Googlie Eye = Medication causes drowsiness or dizziness and your eye to swell into that of a cartoon character.

Dynamite = Yes people, that is a piece if dynamite!!! My only question is - Am I going to explode if I take this?


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