ADR Recovery

This blog chronicles my recovery from a new type of major back surgery, Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). I injured my back at L5/S1 when I was 9 and have always struggled with back pain, but was unable to walk after a minor car accident in ‘05. Research became my second job and with the support of my family and friends, I decided go under the knife. My intention is to keep my friends updated while I recover and help others who are suffering with back pain understand the recovery process.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Jerry, Out Pet Squirrel

When my parents first moved to their new house they imminently noticed a furry friend hovering by the breakfast windows each morning. He was so cute and skinny… poor Jerry, as we affectingly called him, looked like he could use a good meal. My sister was the one who started throwing the cashew nuts by the breakfast window for Jerry to snack on. We’d all watch with delight each morning as Jerry joined us for breakfast. He’d give us a cute little show with his tale, almost like he was thanking us in his own little way for our generosity. We’d laugh and smile, pat ourselves on the back for our good deed for the day.

We’ll no good deed goes unpunished. Jerry has started looking like the rest of family - meaning he’s got a spare tire. Our once slender friend looks less like the cute little squirrel we once knew and more like a giant rat with a tail. He is so lethargic that he doesn’t do his delightful dance anymore either! Jerry simply hordes the cashews and gobbles them up as fast as possible. I get a stomach ache just watching him go; you’d think he was in a hot dog eating competition with that Skinny Korean chick who always wins on ESPN.

I feel responsible for Jerry’s unhealthy weight gain and I worry that he, like my pet goldfish, Tiger, will explode after gorging himself. (Please don’t tell PETA) The question now is; how do you put your pet squirrel on a diet?