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This blog chronicles my recovery from a new type of major back surgery, Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR). I injured my back at L5/S1 when I was 9 and have always struggled with back pain, but was unable to walk after a minor car accident in ‘05. Research became my second job and with the support of my family and friends, I decided go under the knife. My intention is to keep my friends updated while I recover and help others who are suffering with back pain understand the recovery process.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Freaky Friday

I woke up Friday in a lot of pain. I couldn't get dressed or out of bed until nearly 4 pm. Needless to say, I freaked out and called my doctor. They told me that if things did not improve by Monday then something was very wrong and I needed X-Rays. The disc has not grown into my spine completely so it can still move. Sudden, severe pain indicates that the disc may have moved. I won't bore you explaining, but you really don't want the disc to move. (think - metal plates next to spinal cord) In other bad news I had to increase my Oxy to get through the weekend.

Thankfully I felt a little better Saturday and today Sunday. I still don't feel as good as I did on Thursday, but can't think of what I could have done to move the disc. I'm hoping that I just aggravated the nerves or muscles. My legs were so weak when I had surgery I could hardly lift them. Now I am building their strength again but they get sore by doing very little.

My 6 wk post-op is only a week away and I can't wait. The waiting is so nerve wracking, every time I feel pain I worry that I've done something wrong. I don't know if I can handle more problems with my back at this point..... Keep your fingers crossed.


At 11:46 PM EDT, Blogger JTU said...

nightmares, oh the nightmares about them hammering into your back! Why didn't someone cover my eyes during Good Morning America?

At 9:53 AM EDT, Blogger tahera said...

I'm sorry to hear about your state. There are many centers fordisc replacement surgery in Houston, TX. Thank you for sharing this post.


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